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Airport Site 4A
Bardavcol Excavator AAP

Adelaide Airport Earthworks, Pavements, Services, Concrete Aprons and Elevated Roadway

$22.5 million - Hansen Yunken

  • The new interchange included two train platforms, three automated pedestrian crossings, kiosk, video surveillance, bicycle lockers, landscaping and kiss & ride facility.

  • Project comprised of the construction of building platform, aircraft pavements, car parks, reinforced earth walls and drainage works for the new integrated terminal.

  • Implemented innovative design for reinforced earth walls.

  • Accelerated program to allow for earlier access to the building platform

  • Modified ground treatment to overcome potential costly subgrade treatment.

  • Alterations were made to site access to find an appropriate balance between travel time, safety and interruption to local residents.

  • Construction of elevated roadway to provide access to the new terminal linking with the main airport structure to improve pedestrian and vehicle accessibility.

  • Elevated roadway consists of 10 spans comprising of 60 prestressed T-Roff concrete beams ranging from 17-20m in length.

  • The approach ramps comprised of reinforced earth walls which were designed and constructed by Bardavcol.

  • Accelerated program to allow for access and construction of the new terminal building.

  • Adaptive site layout to allow airport to remain open whilst interfacing with other works.

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