Our People


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General Manager, Project Delivery

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Michael is General Manager, Project Delivery and is renowned as an innovative, solutions focused leader with a broad experience base across all sectors of the civil construction industry. Michael has contributed to the successful procurement and construction of civil infrastructure for a number of clients, predominately DIT and SA Water and has direct management experience in a number of delivery models including Construct only, Design and Construct and Early Contractor Involvement.

Commencing with Bardavcol in 2003 as a Construction Engineer, outside of procurement and  contract administration expertise, Michael has gained an enviable technical specialty around Dam Construction with particular emphasis on rock excavation, ground support, detailed embankment construction and complex concrete works. This, added to Michael’s previous significant experience in construction of roadworks within SA.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil) and Bachelor of Economics from University of Adelaide along with completion of extensive industry training requirements.


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General Manager, Pre Contracts

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Tim has over 40 years professional experience in the civil engineering construction industry, the majority of which has been as a senior manager working on significant infrastructure projects.  He is well recognised throughout Australia for his strong technical, programming and project management skills. Tim commenced his employment with Bardavcol in 2001 as a Construction Manager. During his time with Bardavcol, Tim has overseen a number of significant projects including the reconstruction of the Hope Valley Dam, the construction of the Port River Expressway Stage 1 and the Hardened Networked Army (HNA) project at Edinburgh.

More recently, since his return to Bardavcol after 4 years away working on SA and interstate Tier 1 civil projects, Tim has taken a key leadership role as Pre Contracts Manager managing preparation of estimates and submissions which meet the Clients requirements. He also assists Project Managers in project delivery and planning in particular for recent urban upgrade works including Gawler East Link Road (D&C), Metropolitan Program of Works (D&C) and Port Road Cheltenham Intersection Upgrade. Tim is Bardavcol’s manager committed to preparation of submissions and tenders.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from University of Adelaide.


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General Manager, Corporate Services

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Robyn is Bardavcol’s General Manager Corporate Services. Her extensive experience in administration within the civil construction industry has been developed across her 22 years with Bardavcol. Robyn has progressed through all aspects of administration traversing reception, accounts, workshop assistant, site clerk through to current operations which include payroll, office / IT manager, RTW Coordinator, marketing, tender submission coordinator and Website/Intranet creator.

Throughout these roles Robyn has driven innovation enabling continuous improvement. Her role is responsible for the management of the administration and finance/accounts personnel, such people leadership is reflected in Robyn’s membership of the Civil Construction Federation’s Women in Civil Committee where she exhibits her passion for diversity and the advancement of women in all aspects of the civil construction industry.



Construction Manager

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Anthony has an enviable track record for managing successful projects across varied disciplines of civil construction in South Australia during his 15 years in the industry. As Project Manager, he has delivered a wide range of projects including completion of projects for SA Water, DIT, Emerald Grain, and the St Clair development. Within these works the complex concrete structures required for the Kangaroo Creek Dam spillway is particularly notable in illustrating Anthony’s innovative approach and technical capability. Anthony’s successful completion of a variety of projects provides him with a strong understanding of the technical aspects and the management skills required for complex major projects with differing facets.


Previous experience in various roles as a quality, safety or environmental representative has established Anthony as a leader with a strong focus on health and safety along with an understanding for environmental impact. He has a reputation for his ability to work collaboratively with the workforce to effect a culture that ensures all employees and sub-contractors take ownership of site safety.


Anthony holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from University of Adelaide.


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Construction Manager

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Shane has demonstrated a strong capability in the management of large and complex major civil engineering projects in the role of Construction Manager in which he has successfully performed since 2008. An extensive history with Bardavcol since 1996, he has performed roles in all aspects of the business including as a Project Engineer, estimating, procurement and project management.

In his position Shane’s broad responsibilities encompass the overseeing and development of all of Bardavcol’s Project Managers in all project-related matters, overall formulation and review of project management plans, management of all aspects of quality assurance, OHS&W, and environmental aspects on site. He also oversees the on-site industrial relations to ensure constructive relations with relevant unions and authorities. Shane also resolves any contractual disputes, submits monthly financial and general progress reports, and establishes financial, programming, and quality controls to allow works to proceed the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from University of South Australia.



Operations Manager

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Daniel has over 29 years experience in civil engineering project management, construction and maintenance. Appointed to his current senior management position of Operations Manager in 2012, he has responsibility for all Bardavcol plant, equipment, supervisors and plant operators.  This role involves liaison and coordination with senior and site management across all Bardavcol projects.

As his experience suggests he has held many varied the positions such as Quality Manager, Site Manager, Project Engineer and Project Manager on various projects throughout his careers and has guided the team in the development and implementation of the Bardavcol Quality and Safety Systems. Daniel is highly capable in the management and control of contract works, including liaison with clients and stakeholders, detailed planning, programming, and implementation of resources to achieve the specified outcomes in terms of safety, quality, time and budget, in compliance with Bardavcol policies and procedures and statutory obligations.

In conjunction with this role, Daniel has also performed the role of Construction Manager when required on minor projects from time to time (e.g. grain bunker projects) and from time to time is assigned responsibility for major contracts such as Bald Hills Interchange, Torrens Rail Junction and the Regency to Pym South Road upgrade in a project manager capacity. 

Daniel holds an Associate Diploma in Engineering from University of South Australia.



General Manager, Risk

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Henning Klövekorn has over 20 years experience in Risk and Governance roles. He has been a Chartered Safety Professional for over 15 years, a Chartered HR Professional for 5 years and Principal Safety Auditor with the International Register of Certified Auditors (London) for over 10 years.

Henning’s recent career highlights include Executive governance positions within Government and the private sector. He was Director, Safety of TAFESA, responsible for the risk portfolio covering 40 campuses and 80,000 students. Prior, Henning was founder and CEO of Skytrust, a risk and governance software platform with over 100,000 users, including large private and public enterprises.

His broad skill set is underpinned by strong relationship building and business expertise, which has seen him take leadership roles in the not for profit sector including as Director of the Council for International Trade, Chair of the European Chamber of Commerce, and Public Relations Director for the Freemasons.

Henning’s early career saw him engaged in Quality, Safety and Environmental Management roles for companies such as Thiess, Alcan, Holden and Liebherr. His strategic and team-building leadership role is therefore based on many years of technical experience in the civil engineering and manufacturing. This includes hands-on exposure to complicated statutory frameworks, a large array of Australian Standards and personal supervision of these governance frameworks across multiple large scale delivery projects.

Systems innovation and certification are a further focal point, with Henning having authored, designed and led several blue-chip companies to international certification. He was the chief designer of the Bardavcol Integrated Management System in 2007, which has held prestigious multiple certifications.

Henning holds a Bachelor of International Studies (Economics) from University of Adelaide

Master of Environment from University of Adelaide

Graduate Certificate in Safety Management from University of Adelaide