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General Civil Projects

Fishermans Bay Development Works

Design and Construction of new infrastructure within Fishermans Bay to
enable freeholding of 430 allotments.


Adelaide Oval No. 2 Upgrade

Construction of two new drop-in cricket pitch footings and five new permanent wickets including new subsoil drainage and irrigation to suit the new pitch orientation and construction of an access road linking Adelaide Oval No.2 and Montefiore Rd. 


Port Approach South Stages 3 and 4

The Port Approach South project is a key site within the Port Adelaide Renewal Project, Bardavcol have been commissioned to complete site clearance, environmental remediation, geotechnical remediation and filling works for Stages 3 and 4


Eastern Grand Trunkway Civil Works

This project proceeded on the basis of an alternative tender developed by Bardavcol, which provided the client a superior solution to a difficult problem associated with control of future settlement.  

Grain Storage Facilities

Bardavcol has been successful over the years in the grain industry.  Initially involving the construction of grain bunkers to meet the needs of the state's increasing harvest which then evolved into design and construct projects including bunkers, storage sheds, bins and grain handling equipment.
Grain Facilities include; Cummins, Gladstone, Crystal Brook, Maitland, Mallala, Pinnaroo, Monarto South, Werneth and Elmore (Victoria) and The Rock and Coolamon (NSW).

Adelaide Airport Earthworks, Pavements, Services, Concrete Aprons and Elevated Platform

Project comprised of the construction of building platform, aircraft pavements, car parks, reinforced earth walls and drainage works for the new integrated terminal and the construction of an elevated roadway to provide access to the new terminal. 

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