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Our Difference

Culture of Safety as a Driver

Bardavcol have a unique Culture-based delivery framework which has yielded an above-industry average performance in the reduction of injuries. Over the last five years our LTIFR average has been under the industry average.

Each worker is empowered to enact change in the organisation. Consultation mechanisms are integrated into each phase of operation, from planning to implementation.


Our projects and business operations have a tangible effect on the communities involved. We strive to ensure that local communities are treated with respect, are part of the communication cycle pertaining to local projects and that our business ‘gives back’ to the communities we are a part of. As a local South Australian company, giving back to the community is at the heart of our culture and values system. 

When in 2019/20 a catastrophic fire enveloped the Cudlee Creek community in the Adelaide Hills, destroying over 70 homes and 25,000 hectares of district, we supplied a full-time water truck to maintain live-stock water supplies for the critical first 10 days of the emergency.

For over 45 years we have developed the youth via our work experience program for university graduates and high school students. We have a long-established traineeship and apprenticeship development pathway and collaborate with the University of Adelaide to host site visits to our sites.

Team-centric and

Each Bardavcol site is carefully established to promote the best team culture and match project risk with team skillsets. Weekly resource meetings ensure teams and individuals are monitored and assessed to maximise their potential.

Our QSE Magazine is the helm of our commitment to communicating innovations, learnings and a celebration of achievements. Safety Committee, Emergency Planning Committee, Supervisor and Project Manager meetings form a further layer of communication, a fusion of strategic and operational governance; whilst daily pre-start, workgroup and site meetings manage the day-to-day operational requirements.  As a team and communication focussed organisation, we value and promote constant communication between our workers to facilitate tasks on the ground.

Sustainability in project design, implementation and lifecycle management is a key aspect of our focus. Our projects not only comply to the stringent environmental and sustainability laws and customer requirements but our internal governance standards. With the international ISO 14001 Environmental Standard certification at the core of our approach, we ensure to engage specialist biodiversity, threatened species and other experts to work in collaboration with us to safeguard the environment.

High Risk Focus

The management of critical risk potential is fundamental to the provision of a safe work environment. Whilst our systems and culture provide a well-tested approach to risk mitigation, Bardavcol apply strict control gates to areas of high risk. Activities in the high-risk domain are permit-based with specific rules of engagement and clear boundaries of communication, responsibility and accountability. This ensures that high risk activities are carefully planned and executed by appropriately trained and competent workers who are required to analyse and control risk within a framework of heightened compliance expectations.

Inclusion, Aboriginal Heritage and Diversity

Bardavcol were one of the earliest civil contractors to develop and promote diversity policies. In addition to our commitment to Anti-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Anti-Age Discrimination, Anti-Disability, Racial and Sex Discrimination, we recently continued that commitment by developing a Modern (Anti) Slavery Policy in line with ILO Convention 182.

Aboriginal Heritage and workforce participation has been an important aspect of Bardavcol’s inclusion and opportunity program. Our indigenous targeted subcontractor selection process ensures our project teams consider and preference Aboriginal contractors wherever possible.

When formulating project pricing which includes excavations in potentially sacred or Indigenous sensitive area, we ensure Aboriginal monitors are included to safeguard Aboriginal heritage items of significance.

Our systematic, policy-driven approach to empowering diversity and inclusion in the workplace is driven by an authentic team culture which sees each person at Bardavcol as an intrinsic and important part of our organisation.


Bardavcol has a unique structure in the civil construction industry which sees us positioned to provide our agile response to the market’s requirements. Such agility is delivered through our extensive experience in self performing a vast majority of our works, our management structure, systems, high level pre-qualifications and owned plant which is underpinned by a highly efficient overhead structure. We have capability to service client’s requirements ranging from large, long duration and highly technical projects through to undertaking activities more modest in size, duration and complexity.

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