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Dams, Marinas and Wetlands

Breakout Creek Stage 3 - Redevelopment

Construction of wetlands to capture and clean stormwater and    manage high flows, removing weeds species while planting native vegetation to slow and treat water coming down the river.


Victoria Park Wetland Project (Park 16)

The vision for the Victoria Park Wetlands is to manage upstream flows from the Keswick Creek to reduce the risk of flooding in the downstream areas whilst improving the amenity to Adelaide’s Parklands


Kangaroo Creek Dam Safety Upgrade

Major safety upgrade to the existing concrete lined rock fill dam to meet ANCOLD requirements excavating 300,000m3 of rock to widen the spillway by up to 40m.


North Para Flood Control Dam

The construction of a roller compacted concrete "RCC" flood control dam on the North Para River located 7km northeast of the township of Gawler.

north para dam2.jpg

Rapid Bay Jetty

The design and construction of a new recreational jetty with a temporary groyne being used as the access working platform, comprising of a steel frame superstructure with precast concrete decking slabs.

Largs North Marina

Construction of a 180 berth marina to accommodate recreational and commercial vessels as well as the incorporation of an industrial estate for marine related activities, excavating and replacement of 600,000 tonnes of material

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