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Licenses and Certifications

25 Years of ISO Certification

Bardavcol have been at the forefront of developing and maintaining governance systems for over a quarter of a century. We were amongst the first in South Australia to achieve the coveted ISO 9001 Certification in 1998, which showcased that our systems in the 1990’s achieved great commitment to quality control, customer service and product integrity.


The continuing development and finessing of these processes, with input from ever increasing project complexity, lead to further certifications in Safety systems (AS4801 in 2006), Environmental Management (ISO 14001 in 2009) and Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner in 2007.


We were the first multi-disciplinary construction services company in Australia to achieve Federal Safety Accreditation (2007) – Accreditation No. 065.

Bardavcol is a registered Building Work Contractor with current certification; BLD 52873.

Innovation as Core Priniciple

By 2007 the entire management system was revised to lead the industry by forming the first Integrated System in South Australia. This reduced the complexity of our triple certification and brought sustainable operational efficiencies.


In 2018 Bardavcol transitioned into a hybrid digital system with critical aspects of our business undertaking compliance inspections using a fully electronic and agile management system.

In 2020 our operations successfully moved from AS4801 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications to the new ISO 45001 following a 12 month transition plan.

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