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Innovation in Process

  • Bardavcol considers Safety Innovation as a hallmark of its’ risk mitigation and commercial differentiation. Always pushing the boundaries to improve safety outcomes, we were one of the earliest road construction contractors to achieve full triple certification to the coveted QSE Management Systems. Already by 1998 the company had achieved ISO 9001 certification and by 2007 the entire management system was revised to lead the industry by forming the first Integrated System in South Australia.

  • With a 45 year engineering and construction experience base, and as the local contractors who has built more roads than anyone, we ensure that our integrated system is the framework of excellence that sustains safe, dependable and rigorous QSE outcomes.

  • In 2018 Bardavcol transitioned into a hybrid digital system with critical aspects of our business undertaking compliance inspections using a fully electronic and agile management system. In 2020 our operations successfully moved from AS4801 and OHSAS 18001 to the new ISO 45001 following a 12 month transition plan.

Triage Risk Approach

  • Our industry leading action triage system was developed in conjunction with iAuditor to deliver a responsive oversight system, where all actions are channelled into a single-point oversight funnel. This allows management to pinpoint problem areas, maintain accountability mechanisms and understand priorities.

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