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Adelaide Oval No. 2 Upgrade

$1.6 million - Department for Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

Two new drop-in pitches and 5 new permanent wickets

  • Demolition of the existing drop-in cricket pitch footings and the existing permanent cricket pitches. Construction of two new drop-in cricket pitch footings and five new permanent wickets including new subsoil drainage and irrigation to suit the new pitch orientation.

  • Extension of Adelaide Oval No.2 including full oval profile & new turf, subsoil drainage and irrigation. Construction of an access road linking Adelaide Oval No.2 and Montefiore Rd with new parkland lighting and earthworks to reshape the existing batter that is supported by a insitu concrete retaining wall.

  • Construction of a rubble access track for the drop-in cricket pitch removal machine including heavy duty concrete corners as turning aprons.

  • Construction of a concrete footpath along Montefiore Rd and new stairs located on Montefiore Hill. In addition there is also various tree and shrub planting throughout the site.

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