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Kangaroo Creek Dam Safety Upgrade

$93.4 Million - SA Water

Major dam safety works

  • Major safety upgrade to the existing concrete lined rock fill dam to meet ANCOLD requirements.

  • Excavation of 300,000m3 of rock to widen the spillway by up to 40m.

  • Extension of the outlet tunnel and pipe work by approximately 50m.

  • Buttressing of the existing rock fill embankment (200,000m3).

  • Raising of the embankment crest including extension of the concrete face slab using slip form techniques.

  • Significant concrete works (32,000m3) to line the spillway including  temperature sensitive mass pours and ogee crest construction.

  • Construction of post tensioned anchors to the existing ogee crest
    Electrical, SCADA and security works.

  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

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