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Eastern Grand Trunkway Civil Works

$11.2 million - Renewal SA

Developing Gillmans future Industrial Hub

This project proceeded on the basis of an alternative tender developed by Bardavcol, which provided the client a superior solution to a difficult problem associated with control of future settlement.  This project demonstrated Bardavcol's ability to design innovative construction methodologies, manage complex technical earthwork construction in difficult environments (both geotechnical and environmental) and to deliver value added solutions for clients.

  • Industrial Subdivision for 7 future allotments.

  • Construction of two new roads to service subdivision.

  • Bulk Earthworks (~450,000m3 of material placement).

  • Controlled and Surcharge Fill Construction.

  • Settlement monitoring.

  • Granular and Asphaltic pavement construction.

  • Installation of all service infrastructure  to subdivision
    Working around sensitive infrastructure (SEA Gas
    Pipeline, Penrice Brine Pipeline, AGL High Voltage Cables)

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