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Gawler East Link Road

$40 million - Department of Infrastructure & Transport

  • A new 3.6km link road, connecting Potts Road to Calton Road and the new residential development in Gawler’s east.

  • Construction of new 30m, 3-span super-T precast bridge over South Para River.

  • 2 new roundabout and approaches from Potts Road and One Tree Hill Road, with provision for local resident access.

  • New signalised intersection at Main North Road and Potts Road intersection, including widening of existing road, lowering of existing pavement and realigning entry from Para Road.

  • Asphalt resurfacing work along Main North Road, including upgraded lighting, signage and pedestrian footpath and access.

  • · New SAPN underground and overhead infrastructure replacing existing overhead network.

  • · Potts Road Upgrade.

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